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    Fields of Activities

    Musical Instruments

    The acoustic and Electronic Musical Instruments department provides products and solutions in the music field with products and multimedia applications by the most renowned manufacturing companies globally. With products that bear the latest touch of technology in the field of music creation, but also with the high level of know-how of the sales staff, Bon Studio covers the needs of the amateur, as well as of the professional musician.


    Audiovisual & Conference Systems

    The audiovisual & conference systems department provides turnkey solutions of the highest technological know-how and credibility with cinema and projection equipment, with conference as well as translation systems as well as with specialized applications that come to effect by the demanding organizational structure of Bon Studio. As a top priority is the provision of turnkey solutions through professional solutions, research, supply, installation and finally delivery of fully operational integrated systems with consistency.


    Digital Applications

    The digital applications department provides products and applications of digital audio and visual processing and recording, with the professionalism and technological background that always describe the identity of the company. The company’s professionalism, and technological background, are the key factors that make Bon Studio a leading company in the Greek market.


    Professional Sound

    The successors of this great edifice, by the great visionary and founder, Manolis Bofiliakis, was undertaken by his successors, with dedication, professionalism and consistency, ensuring a successful upward course in the field of Professional Audio and Video Systems. State-of-the-art products and high-level services are interwoven with the Company's specialization and cover in the most technologically demanding way the whole range of audio and acoustic applications.


    TV/Radio Broadcast

    BON STUDIO, the Greek pioneer in Professional Sound & Lighting, Audiovisual Applications and Music Technology, has expanded its operations in the Broadcast market, providing complete solutions for TV Stations, Studios, A/V and Production Companies. With successful exclusive representations of the most trusted manufacturers worldwide and strategic alliances with premium European integrators, a complete portfolio has been created for high quality 24/7 mission-critical applications. BON STUDIO offers highly reliable, smart and technologically innovative solutions for On-Air environments, as well as excellent technical support.


    Professional Lighting

    The Professional Lighting Systems department provides solutions with lighting systems and applications that cover all the needs of the professional lighting sector, indoor or outdoor. The vast range of credible product solutions in the architectural, theatrical and entertainment lighting, make Bon Studio the ideal choice for the Lighting professional. Constantly following the latest technological developments, the company aims at the continuous improvement and differentiation, suggesting solutions that ensure the best possible value with the most competitive pricing.



    Collaborating Companies