history2 Istoriko_im BON STUDIO commenced its activities in 1974 by installing sound systems for public and private use. It expanded its services to include P.A. systems, for both indoor and open-air festivals, covering the majority of the concerts of famous Greek and foreign musicians, who put their trust in the company’s technical background and experience. Almost every large-scale artistic and cultural event of the time bears the signature of Bon Studio. Soon after, BON STUDIO dynamically expanded its activities by distributing the products of a number of well-known manufacturers of high quality sound systems. BON STUDIO placed great emphasis on technology and its applications in our country, as it equipped 90% of the recording studios in Greece, while the growth of radio and television broadcasting in conjunction with the company’s professionalism, organization and technological background, were the key factors that turned Bon Studio into a leading company in the Greek market. Manolis Bofiliakis was the inspirer and founder of the company, a big visionary of unique professional and tremendous business talent. The incomparable ethics, the human sensitivity and the need to create comprised the cornerstones of a company, which has been a leader for many years in the fields of its activity. Manolis Bofiliakis passed away on May 1st 2004, which was the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding.
about_us Bon Studio exclusively represents a significant number of manufacturing companies of Professional Sound, Lighting, Audiovisual systems and electronic Musical instruments of high technology and quality from all over the world. In addition, the company undertakes turnkey solutions and applications in Radio & TV Broadcasting. The company’s specialized departments provide suggestions, research, supply, installation and delivery of fully operational integrated systems.


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Products and services that cover the entire field of sound and audio applications
Products and specialized services in the Radio & TV Broadcasting field
Lighting systems and applications that cover the demands of entertainment and architectural sectors
Products and services of digital audio & visual processing and recording
Acoustic and Electronic Musical Instruments and Multimedia applications
Cinema & Projection Systems, Conference & Translation systems, Special applications

ZAIMI 6The company’s headquarters are in the center of Athens at 6, Zaimi street. Built in 1988, the company’s 7-storey building accommodates most key departments.
ThesalonikiIn 1994 the company established its first branch in Thessaloniki, aiming at meeting the needs of its customers in Northern Greece, as well as expanding the company’s activities in the Balkan market.
ZAIMI 5In the beginning of 1998 the company transferred part of its activities to the privately owned neoclassical building, located exactly opposite from the company’s headquarters at 5, Zaimi street. The new 4-storey building is now accommodating its new expanding activities, as well as the Lighting Systems Department.
PaggaiouA new branch was established in Athens in 2003 at 12, Paggaiou street, in order to accommodate the company’s warehouse and Technical Support Department.
Address: 6, Zaimi Str. 106 83 Athens
Telephone: 210 3809605-9 210 3302059-62
Fax: 210 3845755
Address: Paggaiou 12 118 55 Votanikos
Telephone: 210 3417200-1
Fax: 210 3471955
Address: 73, 17th November Str. & 1, K.Palama Str. 54352 Thessaloniki
Telephone: 2310 947676-8
Fax: 2310 947663
financial Bon Studio was incorporated as a “Societe Anonyme” in 1984 with a share-capital of 2.880.000 Euro. The company’s Chairperson & CEO is Mrs. Aphrodite Bofiliakis. The company’s financial indexes rank it among the healthiest Greek companies of this sector. A network of affiliated companies (dealer network) all over Greece has been effectively organized and equipped to meet all our customers’ needs. The company will continue to focus on its dynamic expansion in the fields of professional sound, lighting, broadcasting and dealer network and on the project implementation of challenging applications.
human_resources The company employs 60 highly qualified people, most of whom are university graduates and who cover the company’s administration, sales network, service department and mostly the department of Research and Specialized Applications of high technology. The company’s staff actively participates in the realization of its targets, as well as to the effective implementation of all internal proceedings. Through the efforts of all our staff, we are able to commit ourselves in rendering quality services and products.
credentials The company is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 as well as according to the ISO 14001:2015 standards from the International Organization of Certification IQ NET and the German Company DQS. It follows a demanding Quality Assurance Policy, which ensures its competitiveness as it provides both reliable products and quality services that fulfill in the best possible way the market’s demands and needs. The active participation of all employees in every procedure that follows the Quality Policy and its human-centered structure contribute decisively to the company’s constant progress and to the satisfaction of its biggest capital, that is, BON STUDIO’s customers. 
marketing The Marketing department dynamically supports sales with progressive concepts, new ideas and advertising campaigns, special editions and constant updating. Special emphasis is being given to the support of its Dealer Network in Greece.

The department sends out digital newsletters on a frequent basis to a large database, while within the framework of the company’s educational programs, special training is provided to the company’s personnel from all departments, as well as to its customers.

In parallel, it pursues an open communication channel through the maintenance of its’ corporate page, eshop page as well as social media pages (facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn) and web page, which provide interactivity, information and after sales support. The company has developed a B2B (Business to Business) web site, in order to serve its’ dealer network all over Greece, as well as the, providing online sales and of good customer experience.