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    Sound & Lighting Systems

    The Founder Manolis Bofiliakis

    Manolis Bofiliakis was the inspirer and founder of the company, a big visionary of unique professional and tremendous business talent. The incomparable ethics, the human sensitivity and the need to create comprised the cornerstones of a company, which has been a leader for many years in the fields of its activities. Manolis Bofiliakis passed away on May 1st 2004, which was the 30th anniversary of the company's founding.

    Vision & Mission

    The goals of the company are defined based on the reliable and consistent provision of quality services and products to our customers. All the developmental activities of the Company are headed towards this direction, designed and implemented by following up to the technology that is evolving rapidly on a global scale.


    Bon Studio Company with a leading presence in the Greek market is a leader in the fields of sound, lighting and music equipment. The long-term presence, experience and high know-how of the Company in the Greek market raise the bar for the supply of quality products and services.


    History of Sound & Lighting Systems


    1979 – 1983


    1989 – 1993





    2005 – 2015



    Our route,!


    Today we count


    Vision, Mission & Core Values

    Among the company's goals are the expansion of activities in new fields, the promotion of special applications and in particular within the digital technology field, the expansion of activities and turnover with a respective increase of the company's share in the Greek market, as well as in foreign markets, the supply of integrated solutions, applications of high technology and involvement in big private and public projects and, most of all, practicing doing business with the highest standard of "Professional Ethics".

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    & Branches

    The Company's headquarters in the center of Athens, at 6 Zaimi Street. In 1988, the company moved to its privately owned 7-storey building in which several fields of its activities are accommodated.

    The Thessaloniki branch at 17 November 73 & K. Palamas 1 started its activities in 1994 in order to fully meet the requirements of customers in Northern Greece, as well as to expand the company's activities in the Balkan market.

    The Company in 1998 transferred part of its activities to the privately owned neoclassical building, directly opposite to the Company's headquarters, at 5, Zaimi Street The new developmental activities of the Company are planned and implemented in the new building.

    In 2003, a new four-storey building at 12, Paggaiou Street in Votanikos was added to the company's assets, which serves part of the Company's Logistics, as well as the Technical Support department.


    Δ: Zaimi 5 / Zaimi 6 106 83 Athens
    Τ: 210 3809605-9 210 3302059-62
    F: 210 3845755


    Δ: Pangaio 12 118 55 Votanikos
    Τ: 210 3417200-1
    F: 210 3471955


    Δ: 7 Noemvri 73 & K.Palama 1 555 34
    Τ: 2310 947676-8
    F: 2310 947663


    Financial data

    Bon Studio was incorporated as a "Societe Anonyme" in 1984 with a share-capital of 2.880.000 Euro. The company's
    Chairperson & CEO is Mrs. Aphrodite Bofiliakis. The company's financial indexes rank it among the healthiest Greek companies
    of this sector. A network of affiliated companies (dealer network) all over Greece has been effectively organized and equipped to meet all our customers' needs. The company will continue to focus on its dynamic expansion in the fields of professional sound, lighting, broadcasting and dealer network and on the project implementation of challenging applications.



    The company is certified according to the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 as well as according to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018 standards from the International Organization of Certification IQ NET and the German Company DQS.

    It implements a demanding Quality Assurance System that ensures its competitiveness by providing reliable products and quality services that best meet the demands and needs of the market.



    Following our vision towards the distinction of our company in the professional audio field, we continue our successful course whereas through the improvement and ethics of “doing business with ethos”, we maintain our leading position in the market, offering products and services of high quality.

    With continuous expansion of our activities and turnover, we increase our share in the Greek market, having as a first priority the quality management in all our fields of activities.

    For this purpose, we maintain and implement a complete Quality Management System, in the context of which our will and commitment is expressed for the supply of competitive systems, products and services that fully satisfy the needs of our customers, reliably and on time.

    With consistency and professionalism and with the whole company’s staff we actively participate in the effective application and implementation of our internal procedures, contributing continuously to their improvement and aiming at the continuous increase of our customer’s satisfaction levels.

    In this context we continuously monitor:

    • The improvement of our services
    • The evolution and applications of new technologies
    • The increase of our skills and abilities with the proper trainings
    • The needs, requests and any complaints of our customers
    • The monitoring of the satisfaction level of our customer’s requests
    • The environmental needs and the active participation of our Company with sensitivity

    Our Company’s Management is committed to and ensures compliance of all the above and provision of our best services possible.

    Our company is active in the Import & Trade of Audio & Video systems. The environmental policy of our company has as its primary objective the protection of the environment and the minimization of the impact of our activities on the environment.

    Our goals are:

    • Rational use of liquid waste, solid waste and control and reduction of gaseous pollutant emissions from the general operation of the company.
    • Rational use of energy resources, increasing the efficiency of equipment and means in terms of energy consumption and possible future use of renewable energy sources.
    • Control of Noise produced by equipment and media.
    • Fire risk control.
    • Use of equipment and means of new environmentally friendly technology where possible.

    To achieve the above goals, the company BON STUDIO S.A.:

    • Has adopted an Environmental Management System according to the international standard ISO 14001/2015, which is applied to all environmental aspects of the business. The Environmental Management System is monitored, maintained and improved through inspection, evaluation and review programs.
    • Provides adequate resources for environmental management: know-how, appropriate equipment, trained and competent staff.
    • Establishes environmental objectives, the implementation of which is reviewed and evaluated at regular intervals. At the same time, systematic measurements are made and critical parameters and processes are evaluated, in order to eliminate or reduce negative environmental effects.

    The continuous improvement of the operation and efficiency of the company and the Environmental Management System, as well as our compliance with the applicable Environmental Legislation and its obligations, are a commitment of the company's Management and is based on the active participation and support of all its employees.



    With this policy statement, BON STUDIO A.E.B.E. expresses its commitment and willingness to provide and ensure safe and healthy working conditions, to its staff and to anyone affected by its activities in the field of "Importing & Trading of Audio & Video Systems".

    Also, the intention of the company's Management is to support and take all the necessary measures, as far as practically possible, to prevent the creation of dangerous situations, to detect and immediately eliminate dangerous situations that are created, to reduce accidents, to minimize the risks in the workplaces and at the same time to fulfill all the obligations deriving from the applicable Laws for the safety, health and welfare of the employees.

    In order to achieve the above objectives, the company installed and implements an H&A Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 45001/2018 standard, through which:

    • complies with the provisions of national and community legislation,
    • has the required resources for Health & Safety Management - including experienced and continuously trained human resources,
    • acknowledges that improvements in Health & Safety issues result from the cooperation and communication of Management and staff at all levels, in which the active participation of staff in formulating proposals to improve Health & Safety conditions is encouraged in every way, and
    • sets efficiency goals of the Health & Safety system in the direction of continuous improvement, which are reviewed at specified time intervals and revised when required.

    In this effort, the active participation of all staff and subcontractors is necessary, therefore all employees and partners-subcontractors are urged without exception to cooperate and consult with the Management and the Managers in order to ensure a healthy and safe working environment, as well as to take care of themselves and others in the same work environment.

    The company is committed to making every possible effort to improve the company's performance in terms of Health & Safety of its employees.


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